Intermediate LL Method

This is just a last layer method, which splits full Orientation of the Last Layer--57 algorithm--into two steps, reducing it 9 Algorithms, but increasing move count. Also, You would learn full PLL, which is 21 algorithms, for a total of 30 algorithms to learn. Average is about 27 moves as compared to full OLL+PLL, which is about 20. If you can't see the cubes below you should install java for your browser. Alternatively you can use the printable page at the bottom of this page.

Orient Edges

Three cases. Rather than rotate the whole cube before you perform one of these algorithms, just turn U, its faster.

Orient Corners

7 Cases.

Permute Last Layer

See my PLL page: Here

Printable Page

Printable Page--If you don't like the blue stuff surrounding the orientation pics get Firefox and use that.