Those of you who don't have access to myself+cube or want to see some videos of me in my prime, this is the page for you.

15.17 Seconds

You get 15 seconds of preinspection beforehand. Non-lucky solve.


I can do a lot faster than this. Someday I'll take a better video.

Blindfolded@Nationals 06

I had a 3:50 solve but my dad's camera only does 3 minute videos...I ended up 7th in Blindfolded.

15.06@Nationals 06

My fastest solve at US Nationals '06. I dropped the cube with only one turn away costing me a good second and a half :( Being my fastest solve, it got thrown out of the average anyway. I ended up placing 5th in Speedcubing with 15.57, 17.28, 17.21, (20.73), (15.06) for an average of 16.69 seconds.

20.87 Pop

When pieces fly you have to shove them back in.