Ti-89 Games

The Ti-89 is a graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments. It's also required for all Jesuit Students. Even if you're taking algebra I, where all of your homework can be done using the solve() function, you still need it for obvious reasons. Like playing games in class.

These games work on the ti-89 and the ti-89 titanium. They are written in basic. Right click and save, then use the ti-connect program that should have come with your calculator. All games made by me unless otherwize noted.

Note that most of these are really lame text adventures.



By Sam Larson and Aidan Willis. I just made it awesome. You should also download pirates, because if you win Dungeon man (aka dont die), pirates is level 2.


Level 2 of Dungeon Man, and much more frustrating....I mean FUN!!!!


Hit enter as fast as is humanly possible for 10 seconds. What could be more entertaining during math class???
Before you play, type Define escore=89 and hit enter. (unless of course you don't want to beat my highscore...)

Hobo Quest

Make $1,000,000 as a hobo by begging, robbing the 7-11, and placing bribes to increase your street cred.
Before you play, in the home screen type this: Define hiscore=0

Kill All Hampsters

1,000,000 hampsters have taken over the earth. As a paid mercenary, your goal is to overthrow the evil rodent empire...
Before you play, in the home screen type this: Define dayscore=9999999999999