Chilly Willy / Willectronica

There's this really cool kid named Will Mehigan, and he makes music.

From his page:
Willectronica is a neo-pop electronic artist. He uses FL Studio Producer Edition (with it's built-in samples and generators) to create all of his music from scratch.
Plus he pwns at teh electro-musix.

Recently, Will's alter ego--Chilly Willy--has been making more awesome electronic music as well as mash up albums.


Currently, I'm hosting Willectronica's music with his permission. Download, listen, burn CDs, and spread the goodness with your friends, family, and that cool guy on the street who looks like he needs some good music. The files are all in mp3 format.

  • Clicking an album title will prompt you to download a .zip file, which contains the entire album
  • Open the .zip file
  • Extract the .zip file to wherever you keep your music
  • If you have problems, e-mail me at jestuber (a) gmail dawt com

Grab and Glow

*New Album!!*

45 Minutes of your favorite Chilly Willy hits, and a few new tracks!
(note: does not contain "Chilly Chases a Chipmunk")

The Mystical Adventures of Chilly Willy

*New Album!!*

Mostly psychedelic pop, featuring a lot of trippy flute playing and the echoed voices of chipmunks and other stuff like that. Each song is supposed to represent a different mystical adventure Chilly Willy has been on. If you are wondering what the music sounds like, it actually sounds a lot like the way the album cover looks.

The Chilly Willy Movement

Will's alter ego, Chilly Willy, is revealed. More electronic music ensues.

Supersonic Willectronic

Will's third mind blowing album.

Willectronica II

The aptly named second CD.


Will's debut album.