Neil Kirkpatrick

Neil makes music with guitars and electronic noise. Check out his blog at for more of his music and other cool stuff.


Currently, I'm hosting Neil's music with his permission. Download, listen, burn CDs, and spread the goodness with your friends, family, and that cool guy on the street who looks like he needs some good music. The files are all in mp3 format.

  • Clicking an album title will prompt you to download a .zip file, which contains the entire album
  • Open the .zip file
  • Extract the .zip file to wherever you keep your music
  • If you have problems, e-mail me at jestuber (a) gmail dawt com

Cosmic Adventurers

Neil's debut release. A hodgepodge and mismatch of guitars and other musical stuff.

Bodily Functions

A full length album of electronic music from Neil.